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Some Black Friday ago, I happened to buy a lifetime subscription to Getflix. The service has been working pretty well apart from a few outages some time ago looks like Netflix is actively working against them and I use it to watch US Netflix and Prime Video from Italy.

I think there are other similar services so this guide will apply to those too. The solution was to use my Raspberry Pi as a DNS server, point the TV to it and integrate a script into Home Assistant so I could manage the whole thing from my phone together with other lights and switches in my house.

By looking at the dnsmasq manual I found some interesting and useful features:. We will now create two copies of the dnsmasq config file and a very simple script that switches between them. We can now write the script that handles the change between the two files. Still, it would be quite unpractical to SSH into our Pi from the couch and run the two commands. Edit the HA config file and add the following lines. This is how the switch looks on my phone.

Happy watching! After receiving a lot of requests, I also printed some P I figured I could put some of my past projects together to build something nice, so I in About a month ago I booked a test drive through the Tesla Italian website.

They got back to me in a couple of days and provided me with a date and time for t Trying to find my place in the world among electronics, language, voice assistants.

I test drove a Tesla Model S today. April 18, About a month ago I booked a test drive through the Tesla Italian website. A few days in Budapest — what a beautiful experience! Enter your search termRecently Netflix decided to block IPv6 tunnels, as part of the on-going geo-unblocking agenda.

This time however, its a little bit of a different situation. I am one of those users in the UK, who has a Hurricane Electric IPv6 tunnel and was surprised to learn Netflix is straight blocking them now.

Find out how I worked around the problem without giving up my IPv6, while also ranting at Netflix about the whole thing. Ironically, Netflix was one of the major corporations to deploy IPv6 in their network I believe it was when IPv6 was still in its very early days in terms of usage by major organisation.

Now, we now face a situation where we have to essentially disable Netflix from attempting IPv6 connections due to IPv6 tunnels being blocked. Not true. Something I would not of been able to do without my Hurricane Electric tunnel. To further compound the problem. This is where part of the argument comes in for Netflix to be more pro-active in how it is treating IPv6 tunnel users. Nothing unusual about that.

They all identify as US to most geographical location detection services, because the prefixes are all from ARIN and therefore generally assumed, all the tunnels are US.

A rather wrong and wild assumption in this case. While I admit, up until JuneI would always get the US Netflix listings, it was rather a side effect of a network setup, rather than a direct intention of circumventing content restrictions.

I essentially trapped myself to getting the US Netflix at home because I had no way to disable my IPv6 easily without causing some serious breakage on my network. Netflix could and should do a better job of handling this. Disabling the tunnel is obviously the easiest solution to start with, but its not as simple as it Netflix support might make it out to be.

Particularly if you are like me and have your IPv6 tunnel configured at the higher network level across a LAN. If you configured your IPv6 tunnel on a specific machine, then its easier to disable it, but again why should you? Another solution would be prioritise IPv4 over IPv6.

This would be reversing the default behaviour of IPv6 being used first. This can work but would require an override being made on every single device you want to have Netflix working on while having IPv6 connectivity from a tunnel active.It is designed to be used in conjunction with dnsmasq 's upstream server directive.

Practical use cases include routing over a given gateway traffic for particular web services or webpages that do not have a priori predictable IP addresses and instead rely on dizzying arrays of DNS resolutions.

This functionality has now been written directly into dnsmasqwhich should be much easier to use than this project. See the --ipset option. It'd be nice to just whitelist a static IP range, but some services, like YouTube, have a thousands of caching servers in a modicum of IP ranges, and it's just too much of a hassle to compile the list beforehand.

If either name-of-v4-ipset or name-of-v6-ipset are empty strings, then the ipset for the respective address family will not be utilized. The following script routes youtube and netflix over two different repective gateways.

It assumes you're using dnsmasq or similar to manage caching and selectively using upstream servers:.

The network interfaces tun11 and tun12 are assumed to be OpenVPN tunnels, though they may be any other kind of interface with a route.

These devices are assumed to have some form of masquerading and IP forwarding turned on already. The mangle iptables table is used to set a firewall mark on packets that match an ipset tended to by ipset-dns. A routing table is created and a rule is entered that sends packets marked by iptables to the correct routing table.

Finally, a default route is given to the marked routing table. Two ipset-dns daemons are started, one for each of the routes, using the ports given by dnsmasq. DNS parsing code loosely based on uClibc's resolv. Jason A. Donenfeld about summary refs log tree commit diff stats log msg author committer range ipset-dns Jason A.


Donenfeld Jason zx2c4. Upstream Dnsmasq Support This functionality has now been written directly into dnsmasqwhich should be much easier to use than this project.

Usage ipset-dns name-of-v4-ipset name-of-v6-ipset listening-port upstream-dns-server. All Rights Reverse Engineered.Windows 7 and up should be OK too.

netflix dnsmasq

The HAProxy server is running on a lowend virtual private server in the U. As a starting point, feel free to use my proof of concept server as shown in the Dnsmasq configuration below.

Netflix works on iPad and Apple TV too. HuluPlus could work on iOS as well. On Debian-based Linux distributions, add the content below to a file named dnsmasq-catchall. If Dnsmasq is running, i. Please let me know in the comments below once you have successfully set up your own DNS unblocking solution! Has anyone scripted anything to make it quick and easy to add more domains to the haproxy and dnsmasq files?

I like plink from putty to automate stuff with very hacky and basic windows. Stuff like appending stuff to a file is cake, but adding stuff in the middle of files haproxy conf is out of my league. Something would need to sed or keep track of the last rule for each section? So for anyone reading this, the correct approach would have been to add it to the config. This is great. I also like to be able to occasionally rent some new release movies when they are not yet available in Australia.

I seemed to be able to get to the watching point and got a black screen. Jan- thank you for writing this up — but it falls short of my goal, which is your anti-goal. Could you help me identify the correct configuration to route all netflix. Hello, Thanks for this invention : I have the same question as fred, how to do the root level unblocking, I believe haproxy wont be able to do that, right?

netflix dnsmasq

BR, Sherif. Is it true that sni pure works with ios devices? Any advice is appreciated. Has anything changed?It is certainly possible to do this with other router firmware as well.

This will forward all DNS traffic that was intended for the Google Nameservers to the proxydns servers. This is necessary, since the chromecast device ignores what your DHCP server tells it and always uses 8.


The DNSMasq man page says this:. Before I had this option watching Netflix would only work from time to time. The other lines only forward DNS requests to proxydns if the are requests for Netflix and similar services. You might have to restart all devices after changing these settings.

The here described solution only routes DNS requests to a few specific services to proxydns. Configuration manuals of services like proxydns or unlocator usually tell you to set their DNS server in the general configuration of your router, which would send all DNS requests to them.

So the less we send there, the better. But this only solves one part of the problem. The other half is Chromecast sending all DNS requests to the Google DNS servers, ignoring what you have setup for your local network and thus bypassing your settings for proxydns.

The firewall rules with the iptables commands rewrite all requests for 8. You could and maybe should narrow that down for requests coming from the Chromecast. But I will leave that for a later post. Did you like this post? Consider supporting me with a virtual coffee or beer. Note : First you will get a confirmation email. After confirming the email address you will get a 2nd email with a link to the eBook. Saturday 18th April The DNSMasq man page says this: By default, dnsmasq will send queries to any of the upstream servers it knows about and tries to favour servers that are known to be up.

Explaining the solution The here described solution only routes DNS requests to a few specific services to proxydns. Posted by squix78 All Posts Website. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.I subscribe to Getflixwhich is quite similar to Unblock-Us in that it allows users to access geo-blocked content.

There are a couple of reasons you might want to do this — you may be concerned about yet another party being privy to your site visits, and in my case I wanted to retain the faster, closer DNS servers provided by my ISP for the majority of my web requests. Here is my Dnsmasq configuration file. Each server line is saying that for each of these addresses, use this DNS server to resolve it.

I could have put all of them on one line, but preferred to separate them according to the service being accessed. I have repeated this whole block for the secondary Getflix DNS server. Recent versions of Dnsmasq block all traffic if nothing is specified here, which is the opposite to its previous behaviour.

It looks something like this:.

netflix dnsmasq

This includes a subnet value, which is required because my router is a DHCP relay. The final block of the config turns off a bunch of stuff related to Windows clients, which I do have, but my network is so small that they are pointless overheads.

Let me know if you have any questions about my configuration, or if you can help me improve upon it. My thanks to these articles, which pointed me in the right direction:. Skip to content. Mathew Technology May 16, May 17, My thanks to these articles, which pointed me in the right direction: Setting up dnsmasq with Ubuntu Twitter Facebook Reddit. Tagged dns dnsmasq getflix netflix unblock unblock-us.

Published May 16, May 17, Previous Post Favourite songs of Next Post Favourite songs of Leave a Reply Cancel reply.News: Welcome to Hurricane Electric's Tunnelbroker. Home Help Login. Read times primordial Newbie Posts: 3. My Netflix service stopped working. For years visitors commented "you have US Netflix?! Now Netflix is blocking me, and after a long while I finally figured out that it was because of my IPv6 tunnel.

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They not very helpfully say they can't do anything about it, and I must get my service provider to "fix" it. Well of course this problem only affects traffic coming over the IPv6 tunnel.

If I shut it down, then Netflix works fine over native IPv4.

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I obviously still want my IPv6 connectivity, and don't have any easy way that I know of to specifically block only Netflix-related traffic from resolving IPv6 addresses and using the tunnel. So, Tunnelbroker gurus, can you "fix" the tunnel server in Toronto to actually show up as being in Canada? Network Engineer, HE. We do not have any IPv6 allocations allocated and designated as "Canada". If Netflix has some sort of whitelisting system in place, perhaps the ranges used there can be submitted, if such a whitelist exists, Netflix willing.

Member Posts: Anyone telling you otherwise is trying to sell you something possibly geolocation services. The closest thing to such is the regional registry's data of who has been allocated which blocks of IPs.

At best that tells you where the business is located, but doesn't mean anything in regards to any end-user's location using that IP. We publish reasonably anonymized location data city, region, country in rWHOIS for all tunnel allocations and services are welcome to use that data. Napsterbater Newbie Posts: Netflix seems to be blocking he.

netflix dnsmasq

Ya just started acting up for me as well. Napsterbater if you get a response from netflix can you follow up here? I wasn't planning on it

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