Best monitor for dota 2

Known for its huge international competitive scene, Dota 2 has attracted dozens of top competitive gamers to its ranks, and few are as impressive as the rallying point for every team: the Carry players. If you've ever wanted to know a little more about the top names in Dota 2's competitive Carry scene, or if you just want to feel bad about all the somethings on the list that are already way more rich and successful than you'll ever be, read on.

He started on TongFu but can now be seen as a star player on the Newbee roster. Moogy is a Chinese Dota 2 veteran.

best monitor for dota 2

With Moogy at the forefront, we can expect a great performance in the rest of the season. Still going strong at 24 years old, Moogy shows that old dogs can still learn new tricks. Moogy is able to hyperfarm really well when he gets enough support in the laning phase.

When he is on his these heroes, he is able to exploit their massive nuking ability and supplement their playstyle with his aggressive approach to the game. Watch Moogy carry SvenJuggernautand Luna. He clearly has the individual skill to play top tier Dota but he seems to come up short when he goes to big tournaments.

He is a Chinese Dota player and still has more to achieve, even though he is He is able to farm quickly, efficiently and at a manageable pace. He is capable of being the best Dota player that China has to offer if given the opportunity. Roman "Resolut1on" Fominok is a Ukrainian born-and -bred Dota player.

He is a household Dota name and has had an impactful career. At just 22 years old, he has secured good placings at every International he has attended. In he placed th, in he placed th, and in he placed 2nd. Resolut1on is one of the most consistent Dota players in the game right now, able to produce good results in every game he plays. He farms efficiently and plays according to what is expected of him while making very few mistakes.

Resolut1on is truly a great Dota player and has the potential to become an International winner and hold the Aegis. His ability to play initiator heroes and heroes that are farm-intensive is something to be admired.

This Malaysian-born Dota player has become a Team Secret powerhouse carry. He is a carry that pushes the other players on his team to the limits, allowing his team to rally around him and effectively work together to achieve theier goals. MidOne is clearly proficient at Dota 2, and if we watch the season playout, we could be revisiting this list with him at the top of it. This Chinese Dota player competes with the best of them, recently securing a 2nd place standing at The International With so many to choose from, though, finding the right monitor for you and your budget can be tricky.

Of course, everyone wants their games to look their best when buying a new monitor, so you can be sure that every screen in my best gaming monitor list has excellent colour accuracy, good contrast and a low black level. These are my best gaming monitor recommendations at a glance, and you can either click the links above to be taken straight to the monitor you want to read about, or you can just scroll down for the entire list.

Mostly because that Hz refresh rate can be overclocked all the way up to Hz if you feel like it, giving you even smoother looking games for your money. G-Sync is generally regarded as being better than FreeSync, as it includes slightly more features to make your gaming experience better, but you will need an Nvidia graphics card to make the most of it.

Throw in a flexible stand that gives you plenty of height adjustment, swivel, tilt and rotation, and this is one of the best 24in monitors you can buy today. Its 25in panel has superb colour accuracy straight out of the box, and it also has full Nvidia G-Sync support for Nvidia graphics card owners. Sadly, stock levels continue to be a bit on the low side over in the US at the moment, but trust me, this is one monitor that will be worth the wait.

Its picture quality is outstanding, covering For example, the Predator Z35p comes with four USB3 ports instead just two like its similarly priced rival, the AOC AGUCG which I should note has since been replaced by the AGUCG6 Black Edition, which is effectively the same monitor just with a higher Hz refresh rate and black stand instead of silverand its screen is also a lot brighter, making it more versatile in a wider range of lighting conditions.

Technically, both monitors share exactly the same panel which is made by exactly the same manufacturerbut for me, the Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ was the more impressive of the two screens when it came to playing games in HDR. Yes, I could probably do without the LEDs burning a ROG-shaped logo hole in my desk and ceilingbut it has a more pleasant height-adjustable stand than its Acer rival, and slicker, more premium-looking bezels.

If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. Find more information here. Katharine writes about all the bits that go inside your PC so you can carry on playing all those lovely games we like talking about so much.

Very partial to JRPGs and the fetching of quests. She's also RPS' resident deals herald. More by me. Please log in to reply. If you like a lot of headcrabs, Half-Life: Alyx now has a horde mode mod. Now streaming live:. Jump to comments 1. Who am I? Katharine Castle Hardware Editor Katharine writes about all the bits that go inside your PC so you can carry on playing all those lovely games we like talking about so much.

Please enable Javascript to view comments. If you like a lot of headcrabs, Half-Life: Alyx now has a horde mode mod 1.We know how hard it can be to find a perfect gaming laptop which will have a decent configuration and yet allow you to play games anywhere you go.

Therefore, you can find ideal gaming laptops for Dota 2 in categories such as 4K display, affordable pick, and even the most high-end choice. There is no better way to play Dota 2 than in a 4K resolution, and that's exactly what Dell Inspiron 4K laptop offers. It's an ultimate gaming laptop with an incredible 4K IPS display and a very powerful configuration packed inside a very sleek, minimalistic but attractive chassis.

Check Price. If money is not an object and you're looking for a laptop that can run any game title on the highest settings and the highest resolution - MSI GS65 Stealth is the right choice.

It's one of the most powerful gaming laptops on the market with an amazing IPS display and components placed inside a very attractive chassis. It's a very attractive and sleek looking laptop with a decent Ryzen configuration placed inside the laptop, giving many fun hours of playing latest titles. HP Omen features an amazing Dragon Red backlit keyboard which is ideal for Dota 2 due to its anti-ghosting feature. This means you get to press up to 26 keys at once and each one of the keys will get registered.

Other than the keyboard, you will love the incredible design with a serious configuration hiding in the chassis. This allows you to connect your gaming peripherals and enjoy hours of gaming with the power brought to you by the latest Intel configuration and a very good looking display.

Check Latest Price. There is no better way to play Dota 2 than to play it in 4K resolution. That is something that can be achieved even on a laptop such as this one, a Dell Inspiron 4K — which is an ideal laptop made just for 4K gaming. Dell Inspiron 4K is powered by some powerful components in order to achieve a true 4K resolution. But on the other hand, this laptop keeps its decent style which is rather minimalistic, but it goes really well with the overall theme of this gaming laptop. However, the biggest benefit is the razor thin bezel which offers wide-view angle and yet it makes it very compact.

We felt really comfortable using the trackpad since we were not worried about the space. When you see Steelseries, that only means one.

best monitor for dota 2

Even though this is categorized as a budget gaming laptop, it has plenty to offer — and if you ask us, one of the best features is the quality NanoEdge display. We find that shooting games do really well with this type of monitor or even racing games. But as you can expect, the screen is really thin offering a compactness of a casual or professional laptop. ASUS TUF is not the thinnest gaming laptops out there, but it has an increased connectivity which offers the most common and universal ports that exist.

You might not find a very powerful Intel configuration in this laptop, but ASUS did a really good job by going for an AMD configuration which is a bit cheaper, easier to place inside the laptop, and is almost as good as Intel.

HP Omen is an ASUS ROG Strix features a very sleek and minimalistic design which keeps a low profile and yet they still managed to add up to 7 ports on the left side and 4 ports on the right side. Equipped with the 8th generation of Intel i7 processor and GeForce GTX Ti graphics card, is there anything more a gamer would wish? This high-end configuration will give you a lot of FPS frames per second in Dota 2, but you will also be able to run the latest game titles on ultra high settings without lag.

It allows you to fully customize the keyboard and even change the color of each key separately, thanks to the fancy RGB placement. You will want at least a dual-core processor at 2. Another thing you should note is that Dota 2 requires DirectX 9. Dota 2 has no specific graphics requirements, other than the graphics card — but you would want to get a laptop with a decent gaming display. Most modern laptops come with specific laptop screens suitable for gaming.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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best monitor for dota 2

Question of the Week: What's the most important future-proofing feature of motherboards today? Thread starter Nobbo91 Start date Sep 21, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Hardware Displays. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Previous Next Sort by votes. Nobbo91 Reputable. Aug 18, 33 0 4, 1. Hello so i am looking at getting a new monitor since i have some extra cash and my current monitor i have had for about 5 years. Oct 19, 8, 1 46, 2, Just about any p monitor should be more or less the same.

Jul 22, 3, 43 23, Mar 30, 7, 22 38, 1, Higher refresh rate is always better, regardless of the games. Higher resolution is always better but only if your rig is powerful enough to run it properly Monitor size has something to do with the optimal resolution along with how far you are sitting.It takes the best gaming monitor to effectively showcase your graphics card's graphical power. We've put together this list of our favorites to help you decide which one best suits your needs—and not leave any performance on the table.

When shopping around for a new gaming monitor, you should try to narrow down your priorities. Are you aiming for the highest resolution and a crispy display with 4K or beyond? Or maybe a super-fast refresh rate and response time for a smoother gameplay experience is more in line with what you need. Whatever your preference, some of the best gaming monitors available should cover most bases, even with a high-end gaming PC.

This is our guide to the best G-sync monitorsfor those who only want, er, G-sync. But if you're into competitive games like Counter Strike or Call of Duty, you might want to look for a higher refresh rate with a p display. One drawback of IPS monitors is that they often have slower response times and refresh rates, so here's where a TN panel would come in handy.

16:9 vs Ultrawide - Fortnite, PUBG, CS:GO + More!

On the other hand, if open-world games such as Final Fantasy XV or The Outer Worlds are more your style, a 4K or p resolution display would be a perfect choice for the utmost visual fidelity.

Gaming presets or HDR for your favorite types of games are other features you might also want to consider if you mind spending a little extra cash, as with most things, investing in a better panel now should last you several years and outlive a few key components in your rig.

Now that working from home is becoming more commonplace these days. People care more about, especially if they plan on working all day and gaming all night on the same screen. Reminders to take a break and built-in blue light filters are thoughtful features to protect your peepers. We've detailed our top picks below, and we've done our best to highlight the key features to help you find the right panel for your gaming needs. It is a inch monitor with a x resolution, which we currently consider the sweet spot for high-end gaming.

It offers substantially more pixels than p without being as demanding as a 4K panel, meaning games look sharp at 27 inches but won't bring a good GPU to its knees.

Plus, you can still get higher than 60Hz refresh rates, which isn't possible on the current crop of 4K displays. You can also comfortably run at percent scaling in Windows, something that isn't always desirable with 4K panels.

The difference between Hz and Hz is mostly negligible though.We purchase our own monitors and put them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. No gaming monitor is perfect for everyone. In recent years, new gaming technologies have emerged that have drastically changed the way we game.

Ever faster response times have become the norm. There are so many models out there with such a wide variety of features that it can be hard to choose. If you're looking for the best gaming experience possible, also check out our recommendations for the best gaming mice.

It has fantastic motion handling because of its high refresh rate and low response time. The p resolution also delivers a great image on the 27 inch screen. With thin borders, it favors a multi-monitor setup.

Unfortunately, this panel has poor contrast ratio and black uniformity, as blacks look gray in a dark room. Like most IPS panel monitors, it has wide viewing angles, but that comes at the cost of a good contrast ratio, which is poor on this monitor, and blacks look gray. However, it covers nearly all of the sRGB color space used in most content and it supports a wide color gamut for HDR content, so combined with its p screen, you'll see the fine details in your games.

It's a fantastic gaming monitor with an excellent response time that makes motion look clear, and there's a black frame insertion feature to help reduce motion blur. It has a high native refresh rate of Hz, which could be overclocked to Hz, and with VRR enabled, it can go down to 20Hz for a nearly tear-free gaming experience. As is the case with most IPS panels, the contrast ratio is mediocre and blacks look gray, but the viewing angles are amazing, so it's a great choice for co-op gaming.

With a 27 inch, p screen, this monitor offers plenty of screen real estate for an immersive gaming experience. This 27 inch, p monitor is almost as good as the ASUS for gaming, but is a lot less versatile, as it has poor viewing angles and worse uniformity. For gaming, though, it has an outstanding response time, resulting in exceptionally clear motion with almost no noticeable blur behind fast-moving objects. If you don't like the hassle of a multi-monitor display, the p resolution and aspect ratio offers fantastic immersion.

There's also a black frame insertion option to reduce blur, so the motion handling is fantastic, and the response time is exceptional as well. This monitor has impressive viewing angles with its IPS panel, and it's a good choice for gamers in a bright room with its reasonable peak brightness and great reflection handling. However, like with most IPS panels, black uniformity is bad and the contrast ratio is poor, so blacks look more gray in dark rooms.Thank you for supporting the work I put into this site!

To enjoy most of the eSports titles you can get away with a decent affordable video card and here in this post, I am going to list down the best budget graphics cards for eSports gaming. These graphics cards will let you play most of your favorite e-sports games on decent graphics settings medium or higher at resolution with comfortable frame rates. The card performs almost equal to the GeForce GTX Ti, which was a very good mid-range graphics card quite a while back. This is a very compact and small form factor graphics card and is cooled down by a single 80mm fan.

best monitor for dota 2

This is a pretty powerful budget graphics card and can play all of your eSports titles on medium graphics settings at p with comfortable frame rates around 50FPS or more. The card consumes very little power and it does not require any external power connectors from the PSU.

You can run this card comfortably on a decent W power supply. Highly Recommended for users on a tight budget. For cooling, the card comes with an aluminum heatsink and a single 90mm fan. This card packs good amount for performance and offers great value for money.

In fact, this is one of the most preferred budget graphics cards for eSports gaming. This is a non-OC card but you can overclock this card for more performance using good overclocking software. The card has lower power consumption and does not need external power from the power supply. The recommended PSU for this card is W only.

The card has got a single 90mm fan and aluminum heatsink for cooling. This graphics card is great for eSPorts as well for latest AAA games and can run them on high graphics settings at p with very good frame rates 60 FPS or more.

5 Best Laptops for Dota 2 in 2020

You may also overclock this card for extra performance using Zotac Firestorm or any other good overclocking utility. The card does not require external 6-pin or 8-pin power connectors and needs only a good W PSU for its working.

Highly Recommended by me. It can run all your eSports games at ultra-graphics settings at p with 60 FPS or more on average. The card has got dual-slot design, and for cooling it comes with a single large fan over an aluminum heatsink.

It is a compact card and has got one 90mm fan along with aluminum heatsink for cooling. Radeon RX is a very good budget graphics card and has performance equal or slightly better than the GeForce GT Also, it offers a higher memory bandwidth than GT because of its bit wide memory bus. The card also supports Hardware-accelerated H.

These monitors could take your game to the next level

This Radeon RX graphics card consumes a bit more power than its rival GTbut still, it does not require any external power connectors for its working. The recommended PSU for this card is W. Radeon RX is Polaris based budget mid-range graphics card from Nvidia. This dual-slot graphics card comes with a single fan and aluminum heatsink for cooling.

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